From research to sketchnoting to user experience, Veronica speaks on a variety of topics at events across the U.S.

A Nicer Kind of Interrogation

Whatever your role at your job, you need to ask questions. Veronica invites everyone to take the lessons she's learned from user experience research and apply them to their everyday conversations.


The Self-Aware Researcher

UX research can be difficult and a bit scary. In this presentation, Veronica encourages researchers to take control of their growth.


Introduction to Sass

Sass brings superpowers to CSS. Veronica walks through the most basic and important features of Sass, and then explains their place in the big picture.



Inspired by the sketchoting of Binaebi Akah and Mike Rhode, Veronica has spread the word about how and why to start taking these visual notes during presentations.



  • Guest Post for the Sketchnote Army, 9 May 2013: How to Start Sketchnoting (Blog post)
  • Article for the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology, October/November 2012: How to Start Sketchnoting (Article)
  • Podcast on Radio Johnny with Jeff Parks, 24 September 2012: Sketching Out a Greater Understanding (Podcast)
  • Podcast for LDNIA Podcast, 2 April 2012: Special Edition from IA Summit 12 (Podcast & Summary)

Community involvement

User Experience Design

From mobile design to sketching as a process, Veronica speaks on a variety of user experience design topics.


  • Guest lecturer at Intermediate Web Design at the Art Institute of Washington, with instructor Patricia Kruep, 17 November 2014: Fluent UX Sketching
  • Guest lecturer at User Experience Design at the General Assembly, with instructors Jennifer Romano Bergstrom and Sree Anirudh Bhandaram, 10 November 2014: Fluent UX Sketching
  • Discussion at Mobile UXCamp DC 2013, 14 September 2013: Native App Reviews — Bring your App! with James Melzer
  • Guest lecturer at Information Architecture & the User Experience at the Graduate School, with instructor Thom Haller, 2 May 2012: Sketching and User Experience
  • Guest lecturer at INFM 702 Users and Use Context at the University of Maryland, with instructor Vera Rhoads, 18 April 2013: Sketching and the User Experience (Program website)

Research in Rwanda

After spending 13 days moderating interviews and usability tests at teacher training schools in Rwanda, Veronica presented three stories to inspire any UX researcher.


  • Presentation at The Big Redux DC, 30 April 2011: UX Research in the Real World (Slideshare)
  • Presentation at Midwest UX Conference, 9 April 2011: UX Research in the Real World (Slideshare) (PDF) (Talk description)
  • Poster at IA Summit 2011, 1 April 2011: UX Research in the Real World: Stories from Rwanda (PDF)
  • Presentation at UXCamp DC 2011, 8 January 2011: My Rwandan User Experience

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